About Rob de Jonge

Welcome to my blog site!

My name is Rob de Jonge, and I am a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) student at Selkirk College in Castlegar BC.

I graduated from Selkirk’s Recreation, Fish and Wildlife (RFW) program last year and became excited by the possibilities that a GIS program can achieve.  Software from GIS programs has become a powerful force; the ability to produce increasingly more accurate representations of the world around us is intriguing.  Combining outputs with adobe Photoshop or illustrator can now make an ordinary data analysis project more relevant and visually attractive.

Outside of school I’m a Mountain biker, skier, scuba diver and enjoy being outside with the dogs.

Before going back to school in 2011, I was living in Golden BC, basically enjoying life.  I spent the summers working for a rafting company, playing in the snow, enjoyed the beautiful mountain town of Golden or traveling the rest of the year.  After one too many years of this I realized that maybe it’s time to do something more and contribute to the world.

I was not interested in going back to being a production manager, butcher or a sausage maker. Managing HR responsibilities, Quality assurance and production schedules on a day-to-day basis were a rewarding challenge, but I wanted a new horizon.

I had seen the benefits of working seasonally; I am striving for a life that allows for outdoor exploration, and adventure.  Moving back to Ontario was not going to be the answer, nor was a job at the mill or rail-yard going to fit.

The RFW program sounded fun and could offer some of the training to work in the forest.  But the GIS program has me dreaming of bigger fish and the possibility of mapping relevant research, offering the public a visual representation of relevant information, or offering an organization the ability to analyze and visually see their outputs.

Alumni Links

http://selkirk.ca/program/gis – Selkirk GIS Program Castlegar B.C.

http://selkirk.ca/program/rfw – Selkirk Recreation, Fish and Wildlife Program Castlegar B.C.

https://www.uoguelph.ca/business/ – University of Guelph, Department of Business Guelph Ontario